Detective Donald E. McCormick #7330

Name: McCormick, Donald E.
Star: 7330
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Detective
District / Unit: Detective Division
End of Watch: 14 July 1950
Incident Details: Detective Donald McCormick, 39, was assigned to the Detective Division.

On July 14, 1950, Detective McCormick and Detective Edward Crowley went to the home of Bernice [Bernie] Davis on Maypole Avenue to question him. Davis, was the suspect in a string of robberies. When the detectives knocked on the door, Davis’ wife answered and told them that her husband was not home. Despite lying to the officers, she allowed them to enter the home and look around. While inside, they discovered the suspect in his underwear and hiding in a closet. When Davis was finished getting dressed, he walked over to a couch and sat down. As he sat on the couch and tied his shoe laces, he removed a gun from underneath the cushion and shot both detectives. A third officer, Name Driscoll, was sitting in the squad car when he heard the gunfire break out. The officer ran to the second-floor apartment via the front entrance, as Davis fled from the backdoor. Davis, saw a man sitting in his vehicle and forced him to drive away. Davis was arrested four hours later, hiding in a relative’s home. Both officers died shortly after arriving to County Hospital.

Bernice [Bernie] Davis, 23, was convicted of the murders of both detectives. Additionally, he was also found guilty of murdering a store clerk, a rape, and dozens of robberies. He was sentenced to death by electric chair and died on October 16, 1952.

Detective McCormick’s funeral service was held at St. Mel’s Church and he was laid to rest in All Saints Cemetery. He is survived by his parents, Dr. Francis and Jeanette; and siblings, Frank, Teresa, Ruth, and Marion.