P.O. Edward A. Duddles #2507

Name: Duddles, Edward A.
Star: 2507
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Larabee Street Station
End of Watch: 03-Jan-1895
Incident Details: Police Officer Edward Duddles, 44, was a 12-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Larabee Station.

On January 3, 1895, Officer Duddles responded to a robbery-in-progress occurring on the 400 West block of Division Street, after hearing the screams of the female resident.  Officer Duddles was running to the scene when he and the three members of the Market Street gang came face to face on the sidewalk.  Before the officer could draw his weapon,  the offenders opened fire and fatally wounded him.  Officer Duddles died at the scene.

On January 4, 1895, Officers from the West Chicago Avenue Station learned of two women associated with the offenders.  The officers staked out their home on Halsted Avenue and Green Streets.  At around noon, the women exited the home and went to a store where they bought a man's cap.  The officers took the women into custody and they divulged the location where the men were hiding.  Fifteen officers surrounded the rooming house the men were in and took them into custody.

John Carey and William Roach were found guilty of Officer Duddle's murder and sentenced to life in prison.  John McCormick was found guilty of complicity.  McCormick was released from prison in 1915.

Officer Duddle's funeral mass was conducted by a Baptist Mission Reverend at his home and he was laid to rest in Rosehill Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife and six children.