P.O. Edward M. O'Donnell #3363

Name: O’Donnell, Edward M.
Star: 3363
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Des Plaines Street Station
End of Watch: 09 June 1931
Incident Details: Police Officer Edward O’Donnell, 35, was assigned to the Des Plaines Street Station. On June 8, 1931, Officer O’Donnell was escorting an employee of the Paul Schultz Baking Company to the Mid City Trust and Saving Bank, a block away, to make a bank deposit of $4,000. On the corner of Green and Madison Streets, they were approached by armed robbers. Officer O’Donnell attempted to thwart the robbery when he was shot. A citizen, Frank Rogers, heard the gunfire and ran to the officer’s side. Rogers grabbed the officer’s gun and pursued two of the offenders, Nick Floridia and Mike Trotta. Both were arrested at the scene. The money was never recovered leading to speculation that a third offender was present. Officer O’Donnell succumbed to his injuries on June 9.

Nick Floridia and Mike Trotta plead guilty to the Officer O’Donnell’s murder. The judge presiding over the bench trial sentenced them each to serve 145 years in prison. Nick Floridia was released from prison in 1961, after serving 30 years of his prison sentence. Mike Trotta’s sentenced was reduced to 60 years in prison after he participated in malaria experiments during WWII.

On August 5, 1931, the police department honored Frank Rogers for his heroic effort. Rogers was presented with a gold honor star for meritorious service; it was the first presentation of its kind.

Officer O’Donnell was survived by his wife and children, Edward and Patricia.