P.O. Edward J. Wallner #1533

Name: Wallner, Edward J.
Star: 1533
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Hinman Street Station
End of Watch: 05-Jan-1899
Incident Details: Police Officer Edward Wallner, 29, was assigned to the Hinman Street Station.

On January 5, 1899, Officer Edward Wallner and his partner, John McCauley, were patrolling their beat when an employee of Heinrich's Saloon approached them for assistance.  The employee reported that five men had just fled the saloon after committing an armed robbery.  The officers found the gang in a nearby alley and began to chase them when one of the suspects opened fire.  Both officers were shot and rushed to Cook County Hospital.  Officer McCauley recovered and provided police with an account of the incident.  Officer Wallner succumbed to his injuries.

George Simpson was sentenced to life in prison. Fred Jones and Charles Peterson were sentenced to serve 25 years in prison.  Thomas McFadden was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Edward Lally was found not guilty.

Officer Wallner's funeral mass was held at the German Catholic Church and he was laid to rest in St. Boniface Cemetery.  He was survived by his parents.