P.O. Elmer R. Ostling #1189


Name: Ostling, Elmer R.
Star: 1189
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Warren Avenue Station
End of Watch: 22 July 1933
Incident Details: Police Officer Elmer Ostling, 34, was assigned to the Warren Avenue Station.

On July 22, 1933, Officer Elmer Ostling and his partner, John Skopek, were on patrol when they noticed three suspicious males driving on Washington Boulevard. The officers curbed the vehicle at Washington Boulevard and Mozart Street and were approaching the vehicle when gunfire rang out. Officer Skopek was hit by a bullet and died instantly. Officer Ostling was shot multiple times and rushed to Franking Boulevard Hospital. He died a half an hour later.

James Pogue, 28, and Sam Turriano, 22, and Edward Moorehead were arrested and charged with the officers’ murders. Pogue and Turriano plead guilty and were sentenced to serve 199 years in prison. Edward Moorehead was shot on October 8, 1937, after attempted to escape from Joliet State Penitentiary.

Officer Ostling’s funeral mass was held at St. Peter’s Evangelical Church and he was laid to rest in Mount Olive Cemetery. He is survived by his wife and son, Robert.