P.O. Fred Eckles Jr., #13561

Name: Eckles Jr., Fred
Star: 13561
Memorial Panel #: 7
Rank: Police Officer
District / Unit: 006
End of Watch: 17 January 1984
Incident Details: Police Officer Fred Eckles, Jr., 41, was a 10-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the 6th District Tactical Unit. On January 17, 1984, Eckles and seven other officers, including a sergeant, went to a residence to execute a search warrant. The sergeant noticed a female lookout peering through the window and warned the other officers. The officers approached the door and announced themselves, but there was no response from within the first floor apartment. A battering ram was used to gain entry and Eckles was the second officer through the door. As he entered, Neil Young, 22, opened fire from behind a couch striking Officer Eckles three times. Young was killed when officers returned fire. His gun and a packet of cocaine were confiscated at the scene. Despite the efforts of Chicago police officers blocking streets with their squad cars to shorten the ambulance commute time, Eckles succumbed to his wounds at South Chicago Hospital. Officer Eckles’ funeral mass was held at Christ Bible Center and he was laid to rest in Cedar Park Cemetery. He is survived by his children, Terry, Christine, Renee, Fred III and Jeffrey; and grandchildren.