P.O. George Clausen #3400

Name: Clausen, George
Star: 3400
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: 022 Precinct
End of Watch: 13-Apr-1918
Incident Details:

Police Officer George Clausen, 42, was assigned to the 22nd Precinct.

On April 13, 1918, Officer Clausen and his partner, Luther Beauchamp, used a police patrol box to check in with their district.  The officers were informed that a group of men had committed an armed robbery in a saloon.   Tragically, the armed robbers were on a spree and their next target was another saloon, located near the officer’s patrol box in the 2600 block of West Madison Street.  While the officer’s patrolled their beat, they witnessed the offenders lining-up saloon patrons through a window.   When the officers entered the saloon, Dan Maloney opened fire and shot both officers.  As the robbers fled, Officer Beauchamp open fired and fatally wounded Maloney.  Officer Beauchamp recovered from his injuries.  Officer Clausen succumbed to his injuries.

The rest of the gang was never arrested.

Officer Clausen’s funeral service was held at Sacramento Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church and he was laid to rest in Oak Ridge Cemetery.