P.O. Martin C. McCaw #6991

Name: McCaw, Martin C.
Star: 6991
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: 022
End of Watch: 27 April 1942
Incident Details: Police Officer Martin McCaw, 37, was a 7-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Maxwell Street Station.

On April 27, 1942, Officer McCaw and his partner chased two drunken men into a vacant lot on the 600 block of Blue Island Avenue. As Officer McCaw struggled with one of the offenders, his partner tripped and fell while running towards them. The impact of the partner’s fall caused the weapon to accidentally discharge and shoot Officer McCaw. Officer McCaw was pronounced dead on arrival to Mother Cabrini Hospital.

Policeman McCaw won the Chicago Tribune’s Fire and Police Hero Award in 1942 after rescuing five people from a burning apartment building.

Officer McCaw is survived by his wife, Mary, and five children.