P.O. Michael W. O'Brien #389

Name: O'Brien, Michael W.
Star: 389
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Des Plaines Street Station
End of Watch: 11-Nov-1885
Incident Details: Police Officer Michael O’Brien, 25, was 1-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Des Plaines Street Station.

On November 11, 1885, Officer O’Brien was patrolling his beat on Halsted and Adams Streets when he heard the sound of a gunshot from a nearby store. The officer entered Max Rittenberg’s shoe shop and asked, “What was that shot?”  Rittenberg denied that a shot was fired and suddenly drew a gun from behind his back.  He shot the officer once in the chest and as the officer fled from the store he fired a second shot which missed.  Officer Rittenberg attempted to run to a nearby patrol box to call for back-up when he collapsed.  A pedestrian held the officer in his arms as another man used the patrol box to alert police.  As Officer O’Brien laid wounded on the sidewalk, he requested a priest.  A good samaritan ran to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and returned with a priest.   A doctor who was also on Halsted Avenue examined the brave officer and concluded the wound was fatal.  Officer O’Brien requested to be taken to his father’s home where he died an hour later.

Max Rittenberg committed suicide inside of his shoe-store.

Officer O’Brien was survived by his parents and fiancée.