P.O. Paul E. Schutz #4349

Name: Schutz, Paul E.
Star: 4349
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Englewood District
End of Watch: 16-Oct-1921
Incident Details: Police Officer Paul Schutz, 29, was assigned to the Englewood District.

On October 16, 1921, Officer Schutz and other members of the Flivver Squad heard gunfire coming from The Galloper’s Club, located in the 6200 block of South Western Avenue.  An argument had occurred inside of the club and Charles Cleaver left and returned with a gun.  The officers were unaware that the gunfire they were hearing was intended for two other officers. When Schutz arrived at the scene, he was immediately shot in the neck by Charles Cleaver.

Charles Clever was acquitted.

Officer Schutz was laid to rest in Mount Greenwood Cemetery.