P.P.O. Ralph Souders #360

Name: Souders, Ralph S.
Star: 360
Rank: Probationary Patrolman
District / Unit: 012 District
End of Watch: 19-Dec-1922
Incident Details: Probationary Police Officer Ralph Souders, 29, was a 2-month veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the 12th District.

On December 19, 1922, Officer Souders was detailed to the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company located in the 5300 block of South Morgan Street.  Two armed robbers – Walter Krauser and Bernard Grand – entered the facility with their weapons drawn.  Souders attempted to disarm the robbers when he was fatally wounded.

Walter Krauser was found guilty and later hanged.  Robert Grand was killed in prison by Krauser.

Officer Souders was laid to rest in Mount Carmel Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife, Mary, and two children.