Sergeant Thomas J. Babbington #575

Name: Babbington, Thomas J.
Star: 575
Rank: Sergeant
District / Unit: Detective Division
End of Watch: 26-Jan-1925
Incident Details: Sergeant Thomas Babbington, 44, was an 18-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Detective Division.

On January 21, 1925, Sergeant Babbington entered a soft drink parlor in search of a wanted offender.  The bartender pointed and announced to his patrons, "Here's a copper now."  The sergeant attempted to walk towards the door when the bartender stepped in his way.  Sergeant Babbington drew his service weapon and exited the establishment in order to call for back-up.  The sergeant entered a taxi cab when several men followed behind him and shot him five times.  Sergeant Babbington returned fire, but was not able to injure any of his killers.  Sergeant Babbington was rushed to a local hospital.  Before succumbing to his injuries he identified Emmett Kearns as one of his shooters.  Sergeant Babbington died on January 26, 1925.

Emmett Kearns, 22, was charged with murder and held without bond.  Several of his accomplices were arrested, but later acquitted.

Officer Kearns was laid to rest in Mount Olivet Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife, Kathleen, and his sons, Thomas and William.