Det- Sgt- Stanley Birns #322

Detective-Sergeant Stanley J. Birns #322

Name: Birns, Stanley J.
Star: 322
Rank: Detective-Sergeant
District / Unit: Detective Bureau
End of Watch: 16-Jul-1914
Incident Details:

Detective-Sergeant Stanley Birns, 35, was a 5-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Detective Bureau.

On July 16, 1914, Detective-Sergeant Birns and his partner, Officer John C. Sloop, were dressed in plain clothes assigned to a vice raid at 67 East 22nd Street.  Another team of officers were also conducting vice raids in the same area.  Both teams of officers were unaware of the other’s presence in the district.  Detective-Sergeant Birns was accidentally shot by another officer. 

Detective-Sergeant Birns was laid to rest in St. Adalbert Cemetery.