Detective Joseph Driscoll #2774

Detective Joseph D. Driscoll #2774

Name: Driscoll, Joseph D.
Star: 2774
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: 041 Precinct
End of Watch: 12-Jan-1903
Incident Details:

Detective Joseph Driscoll, 33, was assigned to the 41st Precinct.

On December 1, 1903, Detective Driscoll was detailed to arrest car thieves from the “Automatic Trio.”   Several members of the gang were implicated by Gustav Marx, the killer of Officer Quinn.  Marx identified, Harvey Van Dine and Peter Neidermeier.  The two offenders murdered the train’s brakeman and ordered the conductor to take them to Indiana.  In Indiana, a gun battle ensued between the bandits and arresting officers.  Niedermeier opened fire and fatally wounded the detective.  Detective Driscoll succumbed to his injuries on December 1. 

Harvey Van Dine and Peter Neidermeier were found guilty and hanged for Officer Driscoll’s murder. Gustav Marx was also executed.

Detective Driscoll was laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife.