P-O- Cornelius Broderick #4643

P.O. Cornelius Broderick #4643

Name: Broderick, Cornelius
Star: 4643
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Stanton Avenue Station
End of Watch: 24-Aug-1924
Incident Details: Police Officer Cornelius Broderick, 46, was assigned to the Stanton Avenue Station.

On August 24, 1924, Officer Broderick and his partner, Officer Edward Mulcahy, were in the Stanton Avenue Station when a robbery victim reported that he knew the location of the man who had committed the offense against him.  When the officers arrived in 3500 block of South Wabash Avenue, the suspect, Willis Sams, opened fire on them.  Sams shot Officer Mulcahy in the stomach and leg, causing him to collapse.  Officer Broderick was shot below the heart, but was able to return fire and shoot Sams twice in the back as he fled.  Officer Broderick was transported to Lakeside Hospital where he succumb to his injuries.

A sergent in a pharmacy overheard a man, Hugh Truvillion, ask the pharmacist to provide him with acid for a friend who had been shot during a card game.  While being questioned the man admitted to knowing where Sams was hiding.  Willis Sams was arrested and transported to the Bridewell Hospital.  Sams and Truvillion were found guilty for murdering a man a week prior to Officer Broderick’s death.  Additionally, Sams was found guilty and sentenced to hang for Officer Broderick’s death.  He was hanged on June 19, 1925, at Cook County Jail.

Officer Broderick was laid to rest in Mount Olivet Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife.