P-O- Edward Lynn #132

Detective-Sergeant Edward J. Lynn #132

Name: Lynn, Edward J.
Star: 132
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Detective
District / Unit: Fillmore Station
End of Watch: 30 November 1938
Incident Details: Detective-Sergeant Edward Lynn, 37, was assigned to the Fillmore Station. On November 30, 1938, Detective-Sergeant Lynn and his partner, Detective-Sergeant Allen Mulvey, were dispatched to investigate a patron with a gun in a bar. The patron, James Woods, had fallen asleep and stumbled to the floor. The bar’s owner attempted to help Woods stand up when he felt a gun in his coat. When the officers arrived, they informed Woods they were officers and attempted to pat him down. Woods drew his gun and shot Detective-Sergeant Lynn in the head. Detective-Sergeant Lynn was rushed to Garfield Park Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries

James Woods, an escaped convict, was later found through fingerprint identification.

Detective-Sergeant Lynn was laid to rest in Oak Ridge Cemetery.