P-O- Edward Smith #3002

P.O. Edward W. Smith #3002

Name: Smith, Edward W.
Star: 3002
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Austin Station (Mounted Unit)
End of Watch: 05-Aug-1907
Incident Details: Police Officer Edward Smith, 31, was assigned to the Austin Station – Mounted Unit.

On August 5, 1907, Officer Edward Smith was walking toward his home on Washtenaw Avenue between Warren Avenue and Washington Boulevard when an unidentified man shot him in the chest.  The wounded officer staggered to his home, a block away, and attempted to open his from his door.  His wife was making dinner for him when she heard him strangely fumbling with the doorknob and opened the door.  The brave officer collapsed in the entrance of his home and said, “That fellow shot me,” before dying in front of his wife, Mary.

Two days after the shooting, a woman living at the Smith’s former residence reported to Warren Avenue Station officers that a man had called her inquiring about the Smiths.  The woman stated that a man had called her home asking for the policeman and she inadvertently provided the address to the Smith’s new home.

The shooter was never apprehended.

Officer Smith’s funeral was held at his home and he was laid to rest in Rosehill Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife, Mary.