P-O- Jerome McCauley #6700

P.O. Jerome J. McCauley #6700


Name: McCauley, Jerome J.
Star: 6700
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Accident Prevention Bureau
End of Watch: 29 May 1936
Incident Details: Police Officer Jerome McCauley, 37, was a 3-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Accident Prevention Bureau.

On May 29, 1936, Officer McCauley and his partner, Edward Brieske responded to a radio message that a vehicle with five armed robbers was fleeing near their vicinity. The officers sighted the vehicle near Elston and Damen Avenues, turned their sirens on, and pursued it. The getaway car was slowed down near Webster Avenue and Wood Street by construction. The bandits opened fire, striking Officer McCauley. Officer Brieske abandoned the chase and drove his partner to North Avenue Hospital. Officer McCauley succumbed to his injuries an hour after arrival.

On June 15, 1936, Frank Korczykowski, suspect, was shot by arresting officer when he attempted to reach for his pistol. He transported to the Bridewell Hospital with a bullet wound to the head. He survived the incident and made a full recovery.

Frank Korczykowski and Andrew Bogacki were found guilty of Officer McCauley’s murder. Paul Jenkot was sentenced to serve 199 years in prison. On October 20, 1936, Korzcykoski and Bogacki died in the electric chair on October 21, 1936. Paul Jenkot, 24, was sentenced to 199 years in prison.

Officer McCauley’s funeral mass was held at St. Clement’s Church and he was laid to rest in St. Joseph’s Cemetery. He was survived by his wife, Ethel; and his siblings, Patrick Joseph, Francis, David, and Robert.