P-O- Philip Kelly #6161

P.O. Philip J. Kelly #6161

Name: Kelly, Philip
Star: 6161
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Police Officer
District / Unit: 036 Precinct
End of Watch: 10 May 1939
Incident Details: Police Officer Philip Kelly, 34, was assigned to the 036 District.

On May 3, 1932, Officer Kelly, Officer Kelly McIntyre, 34, and their friend Alexander Ferguson, 57, were at a tavern in the 4700 block of Virginia Avenue. While the trio was inside, two armed men – Edward Riley and Orville Watson, entered the tavern and attempted an armed robbery. The off-duty officers attempted to stop the robbery when they were shot. Their friend, Ferguson, was also shot. Officer McIntyre survived the incident. Ferguson, 57, died instantly. Officer Kelly was rushed to Ravenswood Hospital where he died on May 10.

Edward Riley, 37, and Orville Watson, 39, both ex-convicts, pleaded guilty and were sentenced to die in the electric chair. An accomplice, Sussanah Smith, was also arrested.

Officer Kelly was laid to rest in All Saints Cemetery. He was survived by his father, John, and brothers, Harold and Edward.