P-O- Thomas Wodarczyk #10530

P.O. Thomas A. Wodarczyk #10530

Name: Wodarczyk, Thomas A.
Star: 10530
Memorial Panel #: 20
Rank: Police Officer
District / Unit: 001
End of Watch: 08 April 1974
Incident Details: Police Officer Thomas Wodarczyk, 33, was an 11-month veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the 001 District. On April 8, 1974, Officer Wodarczyk and his partner, Officer William Bodnar, sounded their sirens and communicated to the police radio dispatcher that they were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle traveling Westbound on Van Buren from State Street. The officers requested emergency assistance as the vehicle sped away. The stolen 1964 Oldsmobile scraped against a produce truck on Van Buren and Morgan Streets. The squad car broadsided and became trapped underneath the truck. Tragically, both officers died at the scene. The driver of the stolen vehicle was never apprehended. Police Officer Wodarczyk’s funeral mass was held at St. Michael Church and he was laid to rest in St. Michael Church. He is survived by his wife, Patricia; children, Mark, Anita, and David; and siblings, Sandra, James, Nancy, and Sigmund.