P-O- Willard Hoard #223

P.O. Willard E. Hoard #223


Name: Hoard, Willard E.
Star: 223
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: South Park Station
End of Watch: 10 September 1933
Incident Details: Police Officer Willard Hoard, 40, was assigned to the South Park Station.

On September 10, 1933, Officer William Hoard was in pursuit of a speeding vehicle on his police motorcycle. He was traveling at a high rate of speed when he was broadsided by a vehicle near the intersection of 23rd Street and Lake Shore Drive. The officer was transported to Chicago Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Officer Hoard was laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery. He was survived by his mother, Madaline, and his siblings, Edward, Voila Hanson, and Lillian Mearns.