P-P-O- Daniel Doffyn #14030

P.P.O. Daniel J. Doffyn #14030


Doffyn, Daniel J.



Memorial Panel #:



Probationary Police Officer

District / Unit:

015 District

End of Watch:

03 March 1995

Incident Details:

Police Officer Daniel Doffyn, 40, was an 8-month veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the 015 District. On March 8, 1995, Officer Daniel Doffyn, and his partner, Officer Milan Bubalo, responded to what they believed to be a robbery-in-progress occurring in an apartment across the street from their Austin District Station. A neighbor had alerted police to three men entering a first-floor apartment by smashing a window. Unbeknownst to the officers, the men-Murray Blue, Clyde Cowley, and Jimmy Parker – were seeking a “safe-house” to hide in; they had just attempted to murder a rival gang member – Victor Young, on the 4300 block of West Maypole Avenue. Blue shot Young as Parker and Cowley sat in the car with him. The three chose the apartment on Lorel Avenue because Blue was aware it was vacant. When the officers arrived at the scene they saw the broken glass outside and entered the building. As they knocked on the unit’s door, they could hear glass breaking and footsteps from inside as the trio attempted to escape through the apartment’s rear. The three men inside assumed the officers were there to arrest them in connection with the shooting. Officers Doffyn and Bubalo ran outside to catch the fleeing suspects. Then, officer Doffyn caught Clyde Cowley and held him in a “bear hug” as the suspect struggled with him. Simultaneously, in the rear of the building, a responding officer walked into Parker and Blue. Parker was unarmed and raised his hands in the air. Blue was yielding a TEC-9 gun and ran from the officer in the direction of Officers Doffyn and Bubalo. Upon seeing the two officers, Blue unleashed multiple shots, striking both officers. Officer Bubalo was shot in the hip and Officer Doffyn was hit multiple times. The wounded Officer Bubalo was able to return gunfire and shot Blue. Officer Buballo and Blue made a full recovery. Officer Doffyn died of his injuries at Cook County Hospital. Blue, Cowley, and Parker were found guilty of Officer Doffyn’s murder and the attempted murder of Officer Bubalo. Blue, 24, was sentenced to spend his natural life in prison without the possibility of parole. Clyde Cowley, 18, will be eligible for parole on March 8, 2015. Jimmy Parker, 33, will be eligible for parole on January 20, 2028 Police Officer Doffyn was laid to rest to rest in Rosehill Cemetery. He is survived by his daughter, Brittany; and his parents.