Special Deputy Marshall Harry A- Belluomini

Special Deputy Marshall Harry A. Belluomini

Name: Belluomini, Harry A.
Star: Unknown
Memorial Panel #: 16
Rank: Special Deputy Marshall
District / Unit: Unknown
End of Watch: 20 July 1992
Incident Details: Special Deputy Marshal Harry Belluomini, 58, was a 33-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. In 1998, he retired as a detective from the CPD and began working as a federal security officer. On July 20, 1992, inmate Jeffrey Erickson attempted to escape the custody of U.S. Marshals in the underground parking garage of the Dirksen Federal Building at approximately 5:30 p.m. Hidden in his mouth, Erickson had a handcuff key which he used to remove his restraints. After freeing himself, he assaulted and disarmed a U.S. Marshal. With the marshal’s gun, he immediately shot and wounded Deputy U.S. Marshal Ray Frakes, 30. Then he encountered Special Deputy Marshal Harry Belluomini and shot him in the chest. U.S. Marshall Belluomini was able to return gunfire and strike Erickson in the back. Erickson committed suicide after he was confronted by additional officers and realized escape was impossible. Special Deputy Marshall Harry Belluomini and Deputy U.S. Marshal Roy Frakes were pronounced dead upon arrival at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Robert Burke was sentenced to 20 years in prison for perjuring himself to a grand jury about his role in providing Jeffrey Erickson with a handcuff key. Deputy U.S. Marshal Roy L. Frakes was survived by his wife, Wendy. Special Deputy Marshal Harry Belluomini’s funeral mass was held at St. Juliana Church and he was laid to rest in Saint Adalbert Catholic Cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Milly; daughters, Karen and Anne Marie; son, Michael; and a sister.