License Plates

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Specialty license plates for both vehicles and motorcycles featuring the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s logo are available for purchase through the IL Secretary of State.  These plates are permanent and renewable.

The license plates may be issued to any active or retired law enforcement officers and their family members, surviving family members of fallen law enforcement officers, and approved members of or donors to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

The Process

Applicants must:
1) Be a Donor to the CPMF - $50.00 minimum  
      Donations may be mailed in to the address below or made online at
2) Complete the Affirmation and Name Background Check forms
3) Return the Affirmation and Name Background Check forms to the CPMF office   
      Mail: 1407 W. Washington Boulevard  
               *Active and Retired LEOs may submit a copy of their active or retired Police IDs to have the background check waived.     
4) Once the CPMF receives the Affirmation form, background check form and donation, the free background check will be processed.  When the background check returns clear, the Affirmation will be signed by a CPMF representative and returned to the applicant by mail or email.  
5) The Applicant completes the process through the IL Secretary of State’s Office with the application for specialty plates and the signed Affirmation.   

** The IL Secretary of State will not process applications without an Affirmation form signed by a CPMF Representative.   

 State of IL CPMF vanity/random plate request form for vehicles or the vanity/random plate request form for motorcycles

Information regarding the CPMF plate, including how to purchase, can be found by visiting the IL SOS specialty plate website. Fees vary, but the CPMF will receive $25 for each plate request that is fulfilled.

**Anyone with a criminal conviction or deemed a gang member by the Chicago Police Department or other law enforcement agencies will be denied participation in the CPMF specialty license plate program.