January 2018 Officers of the Month

Chicago - 
On November 1, 2017, Officers Murawski and Puchalski were working a CTA overtime program assigned to the Roosevelt Road station on the RED line. When they arrived at the station shortly after7:30 am, they were alerted by a CTA Agent that a woman was going into labor. Working with the Agent, the Officers utilized plastic garbage bags to create some semblance of dignity for the mother to be. Within minutes, the baby arrived and the officers assisted the mother, comforting her and assuring her that additional help was on the way -- as paramedics had been summoned. The baby girl was born and the Officers swaddled the baby in a scarf placing her next to the mother to utilize the mother's heat on that cold November morning. At this point, the Officers learned that the mother was going to deliver a second baby. Within minutes, the fire department and paramedics arrived and assisted in the birth of the second baby girl. Although the second girl was delivered in distress, the paramedics were able to help treat the baby girl and transport the mother and both infants to the hospital where they remained in good condition.
Officer Murawski has over 18 years with the Chicago Police Force and works overnight shift in the 2nd district while Officer Puchalski has over 26 years and works in the 1st district, having previously worked on the bike team handling public demonstrations from labor strikes to NATO. Neither Officer had assisted in the delivery of a baby in all their 44 years of combined service.

"Whether on or off duty, these Officers are a fine example of the service provided to citizens on a daily basis," says Commander Crystal King-Smith of the Wentworth District.

We salute these officers today as an appreciation for what many officers do every day.  These officers did what they were trained to do, act quickly in difficult situations and bring a level of service and dignity to the citizens they serve. They embody the motto on all Chicago Police cars in that they serve and protect. They both have been doing it for decades, like most officers on the street today, and this morning we are happy to recognize these officers as our January Officers of the month. 


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