Chicago Police Memorial Foundation honors a Chicago Police Officer as part of its Officer of the Month program

Tomorrow morning the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation names Chicago Police Officer Timothy Kroski their January Officer of the Month.

On December 27th, a little before 3:30 in the afternoon, a 27-year-old woman was walking in front of her home in the Lakeview neighborhood when a man pointed a gun at her and demanded her wallet and cell phone. The woman gave up her debit card and a gift card she had received earlier that week as a Christmas present.

Although the man demanded the cell phone, she refused to give it up and the man took off with her cards, running north to Belmont and then east toward the CTA Red Line Station. The victim called the police, giving a detailed description of the robber, including that he was wearing a black and red sweatshirt.

At this same time, Officer Kroski and other members of the 19th District were in the area and monitored the description of the robber and figured that he might be headed for the Red Line to escape. Officers Kroski and his partners Officer Caravia and Officer Luthy responded to the robbery call and ran to the Belmont Station to see if he was inside. While Officers Caravia and Luthy took one set of stairs, Officer Kroski took a different set which led him onto the middle of the platform with a train about to depart. Officer Kroski scoured each train car, looking for the robbery offender and as the doors began to close, he spots a man wearing a red and black sweatshirt inside the car. Officer Kroski reached into the car, forcing open the doors and grabbed the robbery offender bringing him back onto the train platform. Officer Caravia and Luthy assisted with the pat down of the suspect, finding a handgun in his waistband.  The victim’s bank and gift cards were still in the hand of the robber as Officer Kroski pulled him off the train. The robber was brought down to street level and the victim was brought to the train station where she positively identified him as the man who robbed her at gunpoint.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect who just turned 18 had an extensive juvenile record and had been arrested just nine days earlier for carrying a gun on the CTA. It turns out the gun was a replica, but it is likely that this victim could not have made that distinction when she had a gun pointed at her during a robbery.

This highlights the good work done every day by Chicago Police Officers around the city who took more than 9500 guns off the streets in 2018. We are proud to make Officer Timothy Kroski our January Officer of the Month.