Chicago Police Memorial Foundation honors three Chicago Police Officers for saving the life of an 8 year old boy.

On Sunday, June 2nd at 9:00PM, Field Training Officer Corona and his two probationary officers, Officers Lyons and Morgan responded to a call of a child injured and bleeding after being cut on a fence. While enroute to the scene, FTO Corona explained what they may encounter, and discussed positioning the squad so the ambulance could have clear access in and out of the area allowing the victim to receive treatment. Officer Lyons said he had a tourniquet that might be helpful in an extreme emergency.

When the officers arrived, they were met by a family waving them down who directed them to the child. The officers knew immediately from the large amount of blood on the sidewalk and the porch that it was a serious injury.  FTO Corona notified the police dispatcher and updated them on the seriousness of the injury. Officer Lyons asked the father if the blood was oozing out or spurting from the wound. When the father told him that the blood was spurting out, Officer Lyons realized that it may be a severed artery and time was of the essence. They met the boy and observed the massive loss of blood. Officer Lyons used his tourniquet to stem the flow. Meanwhile, Officer Morgan worked to calm the family down and assure them that more help was on the way. FTO Corona went back to the street to greet the ambulance and planned the quickest route to get the victim to the nearest trauma center -- Lutheran General Hospital.  

Officer Morgan continued to console the family and attempted to calm them. The victim asked the officers “Am I going to die?” and Morgan replied that he was going to be okay.

The Chicago Fire Department paramedics arrived and began treating the victim while loading him into the ambulance. FTO Corona and the officers led the ambulance to the hospital.  After the victim was inside the emergency room and receiving treatment, the paramedics and hospital staff met with the officers and told them it was an arterial bleed, and if the tourniquet had not been used on the little boy’s arm, he surely would have bled out and died from this injury.

We honor these officers as an example of the high caliber of Officers on the street and of the quality training they are receiving in the police academy. These officers took this job to make a difference.  They showed us what a difference they could make when they worked together to calm the family, treat the wound and get the boy to the hospital safely for more assistance. The boy was in stable condition later that evening and has since been released from the hospital.

It is with great pleasure that we honor these three Officers as our Officers of the Month for July presented by Galls.