A progressive 50/50 raffle benefiTing the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation


Current Jackpot: $14,310 PLUS TICKET SALES!

Current Board


JC's Pub & Ristorante is hosting a Queen of Hearts Raffle benefiting the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation!

All tickets will be sold at JC’s Pub during regular business hours.
Monday - Saturday: 11am - 2am
Sunday: 11:30am - 1am

JC’s Pub & Ristorante
8650 Joliet Rd, McCook, IL 60525

Tickets are 5 tickets for $5. Cash only.

See below for official rules.


  • The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation (“CPMF”) will be holding a Queen of Hearts Raffle (a progressive 50/50 raffle) benefiting the CPMF, a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation that provides support and financial assistance to the families of fallen and catastrophically injured Chicago Police Officers, at JC’s Pub and Ristorante at 8650 Joliet Road, McCook, Illinois 60525.

  • The total prize pool will continue to accumulate weekly until the Queen of Hearts is drawn.  The jackpot, based on ticket sales and consolation prize payouts, will be updated weekly and displayed at JC’s Pub and Ristorante, as well as on the CPMF Home Page and in weekly CPMF Facebook posts.

  • Drawings will be held every Monday evening beginning on November 12, 2018 except for the following dates:  December 24, 2018, May 27, 2019 and September 2, 2019 (for these dates the drawing will be moved to the following Monday).

  • Ticket sales will end at 7:00pm sharp and all tickets must be turned in by 7:15pm.  The drawing will be held shortly thereafter.

  • There are 54 cards in the deck (including two jokers), placed randomly by the manufacturer and sealed on the board.  The cards are placed face down on the board, the board is sealed, and the cards are numbered 1 through 54.  The playing board is purchased, already sealed and numbered, from an outside vendor and the location of the Queen of Hearts is unknown to all, including all JC’s Pub and Ristorante and CPMF employees and volunteers.

  • Each week, eligible players can participate by purchasing tickets for the chance to guess which number (1-54) the Queen of Hearts is behind.  Proceeds from ticket sales go into the jackpot.  On PULL DAY, one ticket will be drawn from the qualified and eligible tickets purchased that week and that ticket winner earns the right to pick a number on the Queen of Hearts board and have that card unsealed and turned over.  If the card that is revealed is the Queen of Hearts, then the game is over and the winner is entitled to 50% of the accumulated jackpot if he is present (If he is not present, he is entitled to 40% of the jackpot).  If the card turned over is not the Queen of Hearts, the card will remain face up on the board for the remainder of the game and that number becomes unavailable for future play for the duration of the game.  The jackpot will roll over to the next week, all tickets from the week’s sales will be discarded, and ticket sales for the next week’s drawing will resume.

  • When the FIRST Joker is found, the board will be “reset”.  This means that the current board in play will be discarded and a new board will be used the following PULL DAY.  The Board will not be reset when the second Joker is revealed.

  • An eligible ticket purchaser is a player 18 years or older and one who is not employed by the CPMF.

  • Tickets are $1 each and must be purchased in $5 increments, or five for $5.  No single tickets will be sold.  There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

  • All tickets must be purchased with cash only.

  • Tickets will be available for purchase at JC’s Pub and Ristorante in McCook, Illinois daily. 

  • Purchasers must LEGIBLY write their FIRST AND LAST NAMES on the ticket as well as a phone number where they can be reached.  No initials or nicknames are allowed on the ticket.  If the ticket drawn is illegible then it will be discarded and a new ticket will be drawn.  Stamping devices are allowed to be used, but address labels and stickers are not allowed.  Only legible, completely filled out tickets will be considered valid and eligible. 

  • Tickets can only be purchased by an individual.  No groups are allowed to purchase tickets.  An eligible ticket must have a first and last name and contact number.

  • Purchasers have the option to also write on the ticket the card number they want opened in the event their ticket is drawn.  If a ticket is drawn and the purchaser is not present, and no card number is specified, or the specified number has already been opened, then the first available number on the board will be opened.

  • Being “present” is defined as being on the premises at the time the winning ticket is drawn and the winner’s name is announced.

  • The winning ticket purchaser must present a government issued valid ID for verification before a card is selected and any prizes are awarded.

  • Tickets purchased at JC’s Pub and Ristorante must be filled on the premises of JC’s Pub and Ristorante. 

  • When the drawing is conducted, only one card will be revealed each week unless the jackpot has reached the maximum amount as allowable by law.  If the jackpot exceeds the maximum amount allowable by law, then DRAW DOWN rules will apply the next available PULL DAY.

  • If the Queen of Hearts is opened and the winner is present (with government issued valid ID), the winner shall receive 50% of the jackpot.  The CPMF will receive 50% of the jackpot.

  • If the Queen of Hearts is opened and the winner is not present, the winner shall receive 40% of the jackpot (with government issued valid ID).  The CPMF will receive 60% of the jackpot.

  • At the time of the drawing the following Consolation prizes will be awarded:

  • If the winner is present (with government issued valid ID) and a joker is opened, the winner shall receive $500.00. 

  • If the winner is present (with government issued valid ID) and a face card is opened (King, Jack, or Queen other than Queen of Hearts), the winner shall receive $200.00. 

  • If the winner is present (with government issued valid ID) and any number card (Ace through 10) is opened, the winner shall receive $100.00. 

  • All winnings distributed by drawing of the above-mentioned Jokers, Face cards and Ace through 10 number cards will be taken from the jackpot.

  • The CPMF reserves the right to terminate this Queen of Hearts Raffle with a week’s notice provided on the CPMF Homepage, CPMF Facebook post, and signage at JC’s Pub & Ristorante.

  • When required by IRS law, winners must present valid and proper government issued valid identification and provide all information requested to complete a W2-G form.  No winnings/funds will be distributed until all of the required information is supplied.  In addition, the IRs requires a 24% withholding of the winnings less the amount of the wager.  If the winner is unwilling or unable to provide any of the documentation or information requested, the winnings will revert to the CPMF.  Once documentation is received, it may take up to three weeks for winner payout to occur.

  • If you do not agree with the Rules, there is no obligation to play.  By purchasing a ticket for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Queen of Hearts Raffle, you are indicating your acceptance of these Rules.  The CPMF reserve the right to modify these Rules of the Game in the best interest of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.  All raffles conducted by the licensee (Chicago Police Memorial Foundation) are held in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in McCook Ordinance No. 18-33.

  • In the event a DRAW DOWN is required, normal gaming procedures as stated in these Rules will be followed until the Queen of Hearts is found: One ticket will be pulled, the requested or indicated card (or first available number if not card number is indicated) will be unsealed and revealed.  If it is not the Queen of Hearts, the ticket will be discarded and another ticket will be selected and the process repeated until the Queen of Hearts is found.  Ticket pullers are still eligible to collect consolation prizes during DRAW DOWNS.