Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson invites all members of the department, and their family and friends, to join a team and vie for the Run to Remember Superintendent’s Cup.

As many of you know, the Run to Remember is the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s annual 5K run/walk that raises funds to support families of fallen and catastrophically injured Chicago Police Officers. To further the goals of the Run to Remember, and showcase the collaborative and supportive spirit of Officers, family members and friends who continue to support the race, Superintendent Johnson has introduced the Superintendent’s Cup; a trophy awarded to units in the Chicago Police Department that have the highest percentage of participation. The goal of the competition is to encourage friendly competition among department units through a fun family event that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Each team must have a unit team captain designated by the Commanding Officer of the unit. Each captain will receive a promotion code for a free registration to the race. There will be two cups of equal prestige, one for units up to 49 members (small division), and one for 50+ members (large division). The Superintendent’s Cup will be awarded to the units with the highest percentage of participation within their unit for the annual Run to Remember.  If multiple units are tied with 100% participation, the average amount of fundraising per member of the team will be the determining factor in awarding the cup. All funds raised support the families of Chicago Police Officers. For more information, visit www.cpdmemorial.org


·         The number of members for each unit is determined by the official roster published by Information Services Division and available through the Office of Community Policing on February 1, 2018. 

·         Each unit team will include a unit team captain, who is designated by the Commanding Officer of the unit.

·         Any member of the team can invite department members and other individuals to join their team. 

·         Department members can join any unit team and are not required to join the unit team they are assigned to.

·         Both Superintendents' Cups will be awarded to the units (small and large division) with the highest percentage of registered members for the Run to Remember for each category. Only the winning units will receive the Superintendent's Cup – not all participants of the teams.


·         If the participation percentage is a tie, the total funds raised will be divided by the number of team members, giving the average raised per person. The unit team with the largest average will win the Superintendent’s Cup.

·         Cut off for registration is at 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 1st when online registration for the Run to Remember closes.

·         Cut off for fundraising for the Superintendent’s Cup is at 8:00pm Friday, May 4th, 2018.

·         The Superintendent's Cup Winners will be announced at the Post Race Party at the Run to Remember, on May 5, 2018 and the cups will remain in their Unit until other winners are announced in future years.

Reminder – only Unit Teams can vie for the Superintendent's Cups – however, we appreciate the continued support of all participants

This document is the Official Department Assignments that will be used when calculating percentages of participation by unit.

Units with Teams already Created:

003 District -- Team captain is Jenn Dodge
004 District -- Team captain is Tracy Delgado
005 District -- Team captain is Regina Hightower
006 District -- Team captain is Sean Carroll
007 District -- Team captain is Roderick Robinson
008 District -- Team captain is Nicole Clark
009 District -- Team captain is Mancy Chavez
010 District -- Team captain is Martin Acevado
011 District -- Team captain is William Riga
012 District -- Team captain is Mark Sedevic
014 District -- Team captain is Joseph Giambrone
015 District -- Team captain is Yesica Solis
016 District -- Team captain is Lukasz Gorczynski
017 District -- Team captain is Kenneth Pang
018 District -- Team captain is Yoli Ortiz
020 District -- Team captain is Brian Richards
022 District -- Team captain is Mary Bochenczak
024 District -- Team captain is Roberto Nieves
Unit 111 -- Office of the Superintendent -- Team captain is Laurence Odoms
Unit 114 -- Office of Legal Affairs -- Team captain is Sally Brown
Unit 116 -- Deployment Operations Section
Unit 120 -- Bureau of Organizational Development -- Team captain is Carl Wasielewski
Unit 124 -- Education and Training Division -- Team captain is Daniel O'Connor
Unit 189 -- Narcotics -- Team captain is Janelle Hamilton
Unit 196 -- Asset Forfeiture Investigation (Narcotics) -- Team captain is Kathy Bradley
Unit 353 -- SWAT -- Team captain is Thomas Lamb
Unit 610 -- Detective - Central -- Team captain is Carolyn Young
Unit 620 -- Dectective - South -- Team captain is Arturo Bracho